TouchMD Patient Consultation Platform Partners with Aesthetisure to Offer Complications Insurance for Elective Procedures

TouchMD and Aesthetisure are partnering to put leading complications insurance coverage in front of medical patients in a direct-to-consumer, digital platform like never before. Medical practices enrolled in the Aesthetisure program using TouchMD can now easily upload and share Aesthetisure services and information with their patients before, during, and after patient treatments and care using mobile apps.
Cosmetic Surgery Insurance
About Aesthetisure
Aesthetisure, offered by Palomar Insurance Corporation, is underwritten by an A+ Rated Insurance Company that offers affordable insurance coverage to patients of board-certified plastic surgeons enrolled in the program. With easy practice signup, and no contract or sign up fee for the physician, patients are specifically protected from the risks associated with unexpected surgical complications following an elective cosmetic procedure. Aesthetisure offers peace of mind for patients and is a value-add to any board-certified plastic surgeon.

About TouchMD
With over 12 years’ experience and with thousands of medical practices as clients, TouchMD has successfully created a visual consultation, marketing and imaging software platform. Their touchscreen technology focuses on enhancing the patient experience with proven revenue generation for medical practices. TouchMD practices can customize their unique presentation to showcase all of their products and services to their patients. From the comfort of their own home patients are then able to login and relive their treatment and care and share their experience with friends and family. While logged into their account, patients can further review and choose additional products and services offered by their medical provider.

Contact Paige Hawks at (800) 362-1542 or to learn more about Aesthetisure.

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