Toni Jones Receives New CRM Designation

The designation of Certified Risk Manager (CRM) has been conferred on Toni Jones, Vice President of Transportation Insurance with Palomar Insurance Corporation headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, following her successful completion of a rigorous risk management education program sponsored by the Society of Certified Risk Managers. This accomplishment was affirmed by the President of the Society of CRM, Dr. William T. Hold, Ph.D., CIC, CPCU, CLU, President and CEO of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. The full CRM credentials were sent to Mrs. Toni Jones on April 19, 2021 in official confirmation of the achievement.

The Society of CRM is a key member of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, the nation’s preeminent provider of insurance and risk management education. The National Alliance conducts more than 2,500 programs annually throughout all 50 states, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Puerto Rico and around the world. This program is designed to serve a variety of individuals practicing risk management so that they may better serve their clients’ insurance and risk management requirements.

Mrs. Toni Jones has demonstrated her professional competence through the successful completion of the five CRM courses and the corresponding comprehensive examinations that focus on all major fields of risk—principles of risk management, analysis of risk, control of risk, financing of risk, and practice of risk management.
“Palomar Insurance is pleased to announce the designation of CRM completed by Toni Jones, an invaluable member of our marketing team,” says Lane Milam, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Her in-depth knowledge of the industry, trucking insurance, along with her new designation as CRM will help our transportation clients understand their company’s risks and help shape our insurance products to meet their needs.”

Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, with offices in Georgia and Tennessee, Palomar Insurance delivers tailored insurance programs to U.S. and international companies.

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