Insurance Coverage For Avian Influenza Risk

Standalone business interruption insurance for avian influenza (HPAI) is potentially available, depending on location, biosecurity protocols, and the nature of your poultry operation. (Note: At the time of publishing, all information is correct. Due to the rapidly changing HPAI risk landscape, coverage may or may not be available upon request to quote.)

This livestock disease insurance helps cover continuing fixed expenses that the government indemnity program doesn’t address, including mortgage and other debt payments, insurance premiums, utilities, and labor costs.

Assuming the operator is not in a hot zone, has strong biosecurity, and consists of poultry without outdoor access, we can assist in offering an insurance option.  

There is flexibility to the structure of the policy, including which expenses to address and which locations to insure. Get in touch with us to talk through the variables and see what might make sense for your operation.

Contact Brett Cohrs, Senior Vice President, Palomar Agribusiness & Egg Insurance Program
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